• Testimonials

  • “Joanna has been involved in training many different groups about FASD now for several years. She has become one of the leading experts in the UK teaching others about this complex field, yet still being able to make it accessible to all. I have worked with Joanna many times and am always impressed by her ability to condense complex material into an understandable package.

    Beyond this I have supported Joanna to research areas related to knowledge and opinions of FASD in different professional groups which she has presented at international conferences. If I am ever not able to speak at a meeting I have often recommended that they seek the input of Joanna ”

    Raja Mukherjee, Consultant Psychiatrist and Lead Clinician for the National FASD Behaviour Management Clinic

    “Joanna has facilitated several different training courses for our fostering agency (Drugs, Alcohol & Sexual Health, Promoting Good Health & Wellbeing, Young Person’s Independence Skills, ADHD, Autism & Dyspraxia, Play Therapy Awareness, Equality, Diversity & Young People).

    She has received outstanding feedback from the  foster carers that have attended her training and I have always found Joanna to be professional and highly knowledgeable about the subjects that she covers.

    Joanna always delivers her training with high energy and passion.  Foster carers now look to see whether Joanna is delivering the training before they decide whether they want to attend.  Carers never leave disappointed even if they have previously covered the subject.

    I would not hesitate to put Joanna forward.”

    Helen Daly, Registered Manager, Pride Fostering. www.pridefostering.com


    “Joanna Buckard is a leading expert in the field of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Training.  Jo has been returning to us year upon year to enhance the skills of staff/social workers and foster carers already caring for young children with an established diagnosis and she is on our rolling training programme informing new carers about this most serious of conditions. 

    Jo’s training is straightforward and uncomplicated;  she says it how it is …the astonishment on her audience’s faces is always palpable as Jo takes them step-by-step through her brilliant course programme.   

    Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder is completely avoidable if women don’t drink whilst they are pregnant – why are we, as a society, still so ignorant about this?

     I would thoroughly recommend Jo as a trainer – she is worth every penny – personable, professional and very knowledgeable!”

    Glenda Wheeler, Service Manager, Familyplacement.com

    “Once again I would like to thank Joanna for the training she provided to Nexus Fostering carers. This time Joanna presented her “Equality and Diversity” training and the feedback from foster carers and the social workers who were present was excellent. Carers were still talking about the day when they came to the next support group. That doesn’t happen after every training event!

    Several carers shared with me that they found the training helped them see things differently and believed that it would indeed help them in the ways they worked with children.

    All fed back that they had learnt a lot on the day and had enjoyed the way it had been presented. Jo kept them actively engaged throughout.

    I am very happy to recommend Jo as a trainer and would suggest that people also consider her training on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Jo presented this to our carers last June when I also attended. Although I have been in social work since 1986 I learnt a huge amount on the day. Looking forward to her training on Mental Health and Young People which we have booked for later this year.”

    Paul Corner, Assistant Director, Nexus Fostering,  www.nexusfostering.co.uk  

    “New Link Wales commissioned Joanna to deliver a bespoke course specifically for those staff working in the field of substance misuse and youth related sectors. Joanna was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the wider impact it can have on a child’s life right through to adulthood. Joanna’s interactive training skills were fantastic and 100% of the participants, in a fully booked course, rated a 100% increase in skills, knowledge and ability to support those affected by FASD. I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Joanna’s training to anybody and we have already commissioned the course again”

    Charlotte Hopkins

    “Jo is very passionate and knowledgeable in her area of expertise. Her training session created lots of discussion amongst individuals and enabled the sharing of issues and ideas to move forward. She helped individuals gain confidence in the field of FASD. I was inspired as were others in applying what we learnt into our workplace to enable us to fully identify and support children and families. I look forward to working with Jo again in the future and would high recommend her to any agency.”

    Linda Smith, Head of Safeguarding & Extended Services, Specialist Leader in Behaviour and Safety

    “Joanna has delivered training specifically on FASD for Team Fostering for a number of years now to foster carers and social work staff. She certainly knows her subject material and the course content is informative, interactive and of an excellent standard. Joanna is always professional in her style and approach to learning and she takes into account the expectations of her audience. She is also punctual and leaves herself plenty of time to prepare to deliver her subject. I also feel she provides value for money and the feedback from course participants is always very positive. I have no hesitation in giving her this training recommendation.”

    Gill Voase, Training Manager, Team Fostering

    “Joanna Buckard has become one of the most knowledgeable committed FASD experts in the UK.  As a former Social Services Worker she spoke at a NOFAS-UK conference about support she provided for families through her work. We are proud to recommend Joanna as an outstanding, dedicated FASD trainer who is committed to making a difference in FASD education.”

    Susan Fleisher, Executive Director, Nofas UK

    “I have employed Joanna since 2007 as both a trainer and consultant to deliver services to staff working in the fields of health, education and social care. She has presented herself as extremely knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining trainer/consultant. Her knowledge of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is amazing and her passionate delivery in relation to the subject always captivates her audiences. As a person she is friendly, warm and extremely sincere. I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Joanne’s services to anybody.”

    Ian McClure, Client Relationship Manager

    “Joanna was allocated to carry out an assessment on our adopted daughter who has Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. After contact with many professionals within health services, education and social services who had displayed disinterest, lack of knowledge and an unwillingness to help, many even blaming us for our daughter’s behaviour, Joanna’s dedication was like a breath of fresh air. She worked tirelessly to produce a detailed, informative assessment which enabled us to access services more appropriately suited to our daughter’s needs. She provided the family with much needed support and developed a strong and positive relationship with our daughter.”

    Kath and John Hyland