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  • ‘Probably the most comprehensive, enjoyable and moreover, the most informative days training I have had in a couple of decades in this field. Really Worthwhile’


    Substance Misuse Co-ordinator
  • ‘Excellent training, thank you. Brilliant content delivered with style’


    Social Worker


  • Very well presented – interactive. Delivered at a nice pace. Good use of visual aids, props and videos. Well prepared course materials’


    Social Worker


  • ‘Best training I’ve ever attended, great variety of different materials’


    Substance Misuse Worker


  • ‘Fantastic. I have learned so much. Very well delivered’


    Foster Carer


  • ‘Trainer expertly delivered the training’


    Disability Social Worker


  • ‘Superb course. Well delivered. Should be part of the core training’


    Homeless Charity Worker
  • ‘An absolutely excellent course’


    Foster Carer


  • ‘The most informative, enjoyable course I’ve ever attended’


    Foster Carer

  • ‘A very passionate presentation’


    Substance Misuse Worker
  • ‘Wonderful. Gave answers to lots of questions I have had in my mind for ages’


    Social Worker


  • ‘Very informative and enjoyable’




  • ‘Brilliantly delivered’


    Foster Carer


  • ‘Excellent. Really well presented, knowledgable – should be rolled out to more health and education professionals’


    Educational Psychologist


  • ‘Today was great, good pace, clear information, up to date knowledge’


    Children’s Centre Manager


  • ‘Excellent. 5 star’


    Foster Carer


  • ‘This was an excellent training session. I found it very interesting and inspirational. I look forward to going back into school and putting into practice some of the things I have learnt’.


    School Behaviour support Worker


  • ‘This has been one of the most illuminating and valuable courses I have ever been on’’


    Substance Misuse Worker


  • ‘Amazing training. Trainer was brilliant one of the best trainers I have experienced’


    Social Worker


  • ‘Excellent. Fascinating. Eye opening’


    Foster Carer


  • ‘Excellent course. Excellent trainer with excellent knowledge’

    Social Worker


  • ‘Very very informative. Very impressed’


    Foster Carer


  • ‘Excellent, informative course, with an interactive element to maintain interest – great’


    Residential Social Worker, Secure Unit


  • ‘Joanna presented it with passion and made you feel very welcome’


    Foster Carer


  • ‘I am really pleased to have attended this course. Time for reflection, passing on the messages and taking it forward’




  • ‘Excellent resources both presented and to keep. The film was very emotional but effectively sobering’


    Foster carer


  • ‘Excellent course, thoroughly engaging and spoken about passionately’


    Social Worker



  • ‘Engaging, informative and extremely thought provoking’


    Social Worker
  • ‘Very well informed presenter – Highly skilled at managing training material. Very enjoyable’



  • ‘Fabulous session, very relevant to my everyday practise, great to listen to an expert on the subject. Thank you so much’


  • ‘Excellent trainer knowledge  and presentation. Great tools/resources. Food for thought. Thank you so much’

    Family Worker- Substance Misuse

  • ‘Very enjoyable, a warm welcome, good to have a training pack to take away and a great trainer!’

    Safeguarding Team

  • ‘Would recommend this course to all my colleagues. Excellent – best training in the last 5 years’

    Substance Misuse Worker

  • ‘Fantastic training- thank you so much! Very interesting and engaging- very useful information! Loved the variety of methods – vids, demonstrations etc’

    Family Worker

  • ‘Jo was a fantastic trainer with her vast knowledge. Such an enjoyable course for such a difficult subject. I feel more confident about my understanding of FASD and was able to recognise a lot of my clients and understand why they act the way they do’

    Substance Misuse Project Manager