• Improving Life Chances in Young People by using the Secure Base Model

    This is a bespoke in-house face to face training course on the Secure Base Model.

    According to Care Matters (2007)  The long-term outcomes of children in care are devastating. They are represented in a range of vulnerable groups including those not in education, employment or training post-16, parents, young offenders, drug users and prisoners.

    Research shows that maltreated children are far less likely to form secure attachments (Glaser, 2000)

    In order for a child to change their Internal Working Model they need a therapeutic caregiver that can provide a Secure Base.

    Having a Secure Base helps to promote confidence and competence in children.

    This course revisits attachment theory and considers how behaviour may be linked to the child’s attachment style. The secure base is explored and how it may be implemented using discussion, film clips and practical activities.

    The course:

    The training session is bespoke and therefore designed to meet your needs. The session takes into account the different learning styles of participants and has aspects that are auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. The course can contain a combination of slides, videos, interactive exercises and case studies. Participants are encouraged to make use of the training pack to help with their learning.

    The following learning objectives are examples which can be amended to meet requirements.

    By the end of the course Participants should be able to:

    • Identify what attachment means
    • Explain how attachment styles may be recognised in young people
    • Analyse how previous experiences may have affected a young person’s internal working model and how this may affect their relationships 
    • Know how not having a secure attachment may affect long term outcomes for young people.
    • Understand how to implement the secure base model into daily caregiving.

    Cancellation Terms and Conditions

    Courses cancelled more than 30 days before the course date will incur no costs if cancelled.
    Courses cancelled 15-29 days before the course date will incur a 50% charge.
    Courses cancelled 14 days or less before the course date will charged the full course fee.