• Advanced FASD

    This is a bespoke in-house face to face advanced training session on FASD.

    Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the leading known preventable intellectual disability and is only caused by prenatal alcohol exposure.

    The advanced course is designed to extend the knowledge and understanding of participants about FASD.

    The first part of the course will review and consolidate learning from the introductory FASD   course.

    85% of young people with FASD will have Sensory Processing Disorder. The course explores different types of sensory dysfunction and participants consider different ways to manage different types of dysfunction including sensory activities.

    Participants will analyse different behaviours that could be caused by SPD and assess difficult situations.

    A young person with FASD may require involvement from many professionals. Participants will look at how they can work together with professionals from Health, Social and Education agencies.

    Participants will look at ways to foster and support friendships and to support the young person in the home environment.

    FASD is a lifelong condition and participants will consider how to support and plan for independent living including employability.

    The course:

    The training session is bespoke and therefore designed to meet your needs. The session takes into account the different learning styles of participants and has aspects that are auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. The course contains a combination of slides, videos, interactive exercises and case studies. Participants are encouraged to make use of the training pack to help with their learning.

    By the end of the course Participants should be able to:

    • Identify signs and symptoms that a young person could have SPD as part of their FASD.
    • Explain management techniques for different types of SPD.
    • Identify how SPD could cause certain behaviours
    • Describe which professionals they may need to work with and give examples of what will be needed.
    • List ways to promote and support friendships.
    • Assess support needed for independent living and employment and where to access it.

    Cancellation Terms and Conditions

    Courses cancelled more than 30 days before the course date will incur no costs if cancelled.
    Courses cancelled 15-29 days before the course date will incur a 50% charge.
    Courses cancelled 14 days or less before the course date will charged the full course fee.